Summer of YES! Workbook

taught by Jennifer Lawrence, ATR, LPC
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Jennifer Lawrence, ATR, LPC
Jennifer Lawrence, ATR, LPC
Mandalas for Mamas

About the Instructor

Hi! I'm Jennifer and I'm a mama, just like you. I'm passionate about helping woman connect to their power source, their feminine power. Let me help you decipher the messages your body is sending you through menstrual discomfort and overwhelm. Once you learn the patterns of your natural rhythms you will be unstoppable.

Get clear on your YESes, start to track your personal rhythms, and learn how create a schedule that you'll actually follow! This is your Summer of YES!!!

Course Contents

10 PDFs

Course Curriculum

Get ready for your summer of YES! - Introduction
Part 1: Discover Your YES!
Part 2: Self-Care Routines
Part 3: Scheduling in Harmony with Your Inner Rhythms
Part 4: Block It Off to Make It Happen
Part 5: Track Your Routines, Make Small Shifts
Part 6: Your Summer of YES! Checklist
Part 7: Let's Stay In Touch!
Summer of YES! Workbook (complete download)